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Most Kay guitars do not have any collectable value. However, if you own an electric Kay guitar with a Chevron Headstock made from the lates 1950s through the early 1960s, your instrument may have collectable value. Kay Guitar Company does not provide Vintage Instrument Identification/Appraisals. We do not endorse nor are affiliated with the following web sites, however guitar appraisals are available on a fee paid basis. You may need to provide detailed pictures and other information. Please contact them for more information.

Guitar Appraisals:

George Gruhn- Nashville, TN

Vintage Guitar Appraisals

Orion Bluebook Online

Other Vintage Guitar References:

King of Kays- Info and photos of vintage Kay Guitars

Vintage Guitar Magazine

Harmony Central

Fretland- Dating and Pricing Books

J.K. Lutherie- Vintage Guitar and Amp Books

Guitar Stories II by Michael Wright

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